Artists – Pryor Custom Craft




Alone (Band) - Nicholas Pryor, Greg Mullenax

Alone on Bandcamp

Camera Shy Audio (Studio) - Christian Gutierrez

Camera Shy Audio Instagram

Clarion Void (Band) - Greg Mullenax, Bryan Webb, Evan Courtland

Clarion Void on Bandcamp

Clarion Void on Spotify

Cosmic Reaper (Band) - Garrett Garlington

Cosmic Reaper on Bandcamp

Cosmic Reaper on Spotify

Filament Amp Works LLC (Builder) - Tommy Davis

Filament Amp Works Website

Fried Brains (Band) - Drew Barnes

Fried Brains on Spotify

Hashtronaut (Band) - Robb Park, Kellen McInerney, Daniel Smith

Hashtronaut on Bandcamp

Hastronaut on Spotify

Jezus Rides a Riksha (Band) - Kevin Bronson, Ian Law

Jezus Rides a Riksha on Bandcamp

Jezus Rides a Riksha on Spotify

Kalakuta (Band) - Nicholas Pryor, Joe Cherry

Kalakuta on Bandcamp

Kalakuta on Spotify

Khasm (Band) - Erik Kline

Khasm on Bandcamp

Khasm on Spotify

Last Leaf Audio (Studio) - Matt Herrera

Megatheria (Band) - Marc Christoforidis

Megatheria on Bandamp

Megatheria on Spotify

Mineral Palace (Band) - Kristen Avitia

Mineral Palace on Bandcamp

Mineral Palace on Spotify

Nautiloid (Band) - Christian Gutierrez, Tommy Loewen, Austin Latare

Nautiloid on Bandcamp

Nautiloid on Spotify

Night of the Living Shred (Band) - Bryan Ostrow

Night of the Living Shred on Bandcamp

Night of the Living Shred on Spotify

Oryx (Band) - Tommy Davis

Oryx on Bandcamp

Oryx on Spotify

Plague Doctor (Band) - Erik Kline

Plague Doctor on Bandcamp

Plague Doctor on Spotify

Pout House (Band) - Catie Rauhala, Christian Gutierrez

Pout House on Bandcamp

Pout House on Spotify

The Study Abroad (Band) - Jay Rieder

The Study Abroad on Spotify

Tickle Fight (Band) - Z Low

Tovenaar (Band) - Steven Perret

Tovenaar on Bandcamp

Tovenaar on Spotify

Triune (Band) - Cory Wolfe

Triune on Bandcamp

Triune on Spotify

Ulnar (Band) - Greg Mullenax, Nick Pryor

Upon a Field's Whisper (Band) - Bryan Ostrow, Steven Perret, Bryan Webb

Upon a Field's Whisper on Bandcamp

Upon a Field's Whisper on Spotify

Victim Ritual (Band) - Stu Wilf

Victim Ritual on Bandcamp

Victim Ritual on Spotify

What's Left Records (Record Store) - Bryan and Sean Ostrow

What's Left Records Website

Worry (Band) - Daniel Harvey, Christian Gutierrez, Austin Latare

Worry on Bandcamp

Worry on Spotify

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