Here’s some stuff ya might be thinkin bout askin bout.

Q: Can I get a discount on multiple items?

A: For our larger sized stuff and a large amounts of smaller stuff, yes. Email us at pryorcustomcraft@gmail.com and we will hook you up!

Q: What speakers do you recommend?

A: This is a very tricky and loaded question because what we like might not be what you like. We can try our best to get you close to what you are wanting but usually this is a very trial and error type deal. If you are located somewhere close to us and want to check out what we are working with in our personal cabs we can definitely work something out for a test if you are very serious about buying a cab. Both Christian and I LOVE the Weber gray and silver wolves in our 4x12 cabs for the awesome headroom and response that takes pedals like a champ with a clean head. Another great recommendation is the Eminence DV-77 12” speakers for the low mid punch that they give. If you dig vintage 30s but want something with more girth down low than these are the ticket! For bass we like to stick to just a few different speakers for the fact that you can’t just throw any old bass speaker in a cab and expect it to work correctly. Bass cabs more often than not require different tuning as far as porting and internal volume based on what speakers are used and this can very much be a difficult factor and we can’t make 30 different designs for a 2x15 because you want to use your uncles old EV’s from the 70s in a cab designed for modern Kappa pro’s. Sometimes you get lucky and don’t run into any problems. Other times your cab can chuff, have phase issues with multiple speakers, or it gets to a certain low volume and then the energy gets put into vibrating the cab rather than making more volume. Among other problems. With bass we like to stick to Eminence Kappa, Alpha, or Delta with 12s and 15s. 10s we like to go with either Eminence or Weber depending on what you want. Please email us and we can entertain certain things based on speaker Thiele & Small parameters or like factors.


Q: I live outside of Colorado and can't pick up larger items. Can you ship them to me?

A: Yes! We can ship them via LTL Freight. Since all of our items our handcrafted and could take around 8-12 weeks shipping varies like crazy and our website can't predict what shipping will be for the set time of arrival. We have freight accounts and can ship larger items for relatively cheaper than we could predict via shipping calculators. So please email us at pryorcustomcraft@gmail.com and we can discuss shipping either directly to you or a freight terminal near you!

Q: I live outside the US and want a cab shipped to me. Can you guys do that?

A: In certain circumstances it should be fine but this all depends on how much you want to pay for shipping and customs fees. It could definitely be risky as far as the cab getting damaged in shipping and we can’t afford to cover damages.

Q: Why are your products so expensive!?!?

A: As many cab builders can tell you, building cabs of higher quality is very expensive and getting even more expensive with the insane prices of wood as well as other materials. Building speaker cabs is very much a labor of love. If you look at furniture of similar or even lesser quality, you will see that we make a very considerably less margin on cabs and the like. We are broke musicians and charge only what we need to barely make money past breaking even because we know how it is saving pennies to buy gear. I would challenge anybody to price out the materials and add that to the time it takes and the tools it takes to make these things and ask yourself if this is a lucrative business, most definitely when it comes to speaker cabs. We do what we can for what we can and that is the bottom line. We got into this because it’s something that we like to do and hope that we can make enough to live doing something that we love. Hopefully this doesn’t come off as a sour answer but it is just the facts and we have had people in the past not quite understand why things are so expensive and it deserves a bit of explanation. If our cabs are too pricey at the moment for you to afford and you would like to try and make your own cabs we are the type that support our fellow DIYers and will eventually have a blog about building up on our site. We can make a better world by supporting each other in what we do and love. 

Q: I live in Colorado and would like to come pick up my stuff rather than have it shipped. Can I come pick it up?

A: Absolutely! In fact, if it is arranged a while beforehand we can come meet you within a reasonable distance or you can come pick up your stuff after it’s done at any point after it is finished being built.


Q: What are your current wait times for your products?

A: Since most of our products are custom made to order we build items one at a time by hand and it could take some time. The current wait time for products is anywhere between 8-12 weeks depending what we have in the queue.

Q:I want to order a cab today and pick it up tomorrow!

A: Sorry buddy! These things take time to make, a considerable amount of time in fact and we have to wait for our suppliers to send us the things that you want with your cab as far as speakers, finish, and other things on top of the time it takes us to build it in line with the stuff we are building for other people. Once you place an order we will get back to you with an ETA as soon as we know what you want and when we can get everything. We are planning on making a few things to have on hand that we will list on the site as ready to go items when we are able to. 

Q: I have a question that was not answered on this page. What is the quickest way to get the answer?

A: Email us at pryorcustomcraft@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can and are happy to answer any questions.