How to Pick and Pluck

Our pick and pluck cases are made for a variety of storage uses

We came up with the idea for our pick and pluck cases while trying to store some of our studio microphones. Some of the microphones we have already came with their own cases but some didn't, such as the SM7B. That snowballed into the idea of making a case for mixing and matching microphones for different drum mic set ups. As we came up with different sizes we also quickly realized that these pick and pluck cases could be used for a wide variety of applications. Cameras, loopers, tattoo machines, the ideas of stuff you could store in them are endless! Well, as long as they fit.

The bottoms of our pick and pluck cases include one inch of flat foam along the bottom that keeps your items from sitting only on wood and 3 inches of pick and pluck foam on top of it. The lid has an inch and a half pyramid foam and can squish a bit if your items are taller than 3 or 4 inches. 

We like to mark out the area for removal using a marker but you can use toothpicks to mark the outline as well. If you don't need the full 3 inches of pick and pluck removed we like to still pluck out the entire outline, cut off however deep we need the item, and then stick the filling back in! 

Here's a video of us marking and removing the area of a small pick and pluck box to fit an SM7B:

 Cheers and happy plucking!