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Pryor Custom Craft

4U Desktop Studio Rack

4U Desktop Studio Rack

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Organize your outboard gear and turn your studio into a space shuttle cockpit

You don’t have to have a multimillion dollar recording studio for it to look like you do. From interfaces to preamps to compressors you can put anything you want in these beautiful studio racks and keep them safe.

Not only can you customize the color but you can also get it engraved with your studio/band/venue/etc… logo on it and turn your professionalism up to 11.

You can also customize the size of the rack beyond the rack unit spaces and add up to 4 inches below the rack spaces and up to 20 inches of depth depending on what you wanna put in them.

Constructed by hand in Colorado, USA using 18mm baltic birch plywood.

Standard 4U Desktop Studio Rack

interior dimensions: 7.25" height, 19.25" width, 12" depth

exterior dimensions: 8.5" height, 20.75" width, 12" depth 

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