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Pryor Custom Craft

Dual Live Mic Box

Dual Live Mic Box

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Think of it like a jewelry box for your dynamic microphones

This one holds 2 mics!

For those always on the go with their handheld dynamic microphones and for those who just want something nice to put them in. Our live mic boxes are designed for protection for your dynamic microphones with a small footprint. Your microphone fits nice and snug inside within it’s foam coated walls. Just toss it in a bag and off you go.

The lid indexes nicely onto the the bottom portion that holds your microphone and is kept secure using strong neodymium magnets.

You can also get this engraved with your band/studio/venue/etc... logo!

If we don't have your preferred microphone listed please select other and let us know what you're using!

Constructed by hand in Colorado, USA using 6mm Baltic Birch Plywood

We do not offer live mic boxes for larger diaphragm dynamic microphones such as the Shure SM7B, Sennheiser MD421, EV RE20/RE320, etc... Please see our Small Pick and Pluck Case if you're looking for a case for those microphones and the like.

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